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Using PUZZLE STORE is simple. It works a little like a large CD case -open up the 2 halves and start to sort your puzzle pieces into the 5 integral sorting trays. Most people sort by colour, or perhaps sort out the edge pieces first. Then just start to assemble your puzzle on the puzzle assembly board. When you want to finish puzzling for the day, place the puzzle assembly board on top of the sorting trays and snap the lid shut to keep everything safe and secure until the next time. The PUZZLE STORE has carry handles, and you can either store it upright, or flat (perhaps under a sofa or chair).
  • PUZZLE STORE is made from moulded plastic covered with a high quality linen-finish full colour print.
  • The puzzle assembly board measures 71 x 51cm and is made from thick and sturdy cardboard, laminated with high-quality paper.
  • PUZZLE STORE is suitable for all Ravensburger jigsaws of 1000 piece and less, and also most other puzzles of up to 1000 pieces.
  • The closed size is 76 x 56 x 3cm. Once open, the unit measures 1130 x 76cm. It has 2 black webbing handles and weighs 3.1kilos (without a puzzle inside).
  • The outer surface has a wipe clean finish to help you keep it looking smart.
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