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Growing and Hatching Dinosaur Egg

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Growing and Hatching Dinosaur Egg
  • Growing and Hatching Dinosaur Egg
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Growing Dinosaur Egg Pets are the coolest new way to hatch you a new friend…

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Growing Dinosaur Egg Pets are the coolest new way to hatch you a new friend.
Watch as your little reptile egg hatches into your favorite prehistoric creature! At least 5 times its ORIGINAL SIZE! In a day your egg will crack open and slowly your crocodile will hatch its way out of the egg!
Simply put your egg into a container of water and wait for your hatching. When out of the egg remove the shell and place your crocodile into its own larger container of water, the baby will grow and grow. These novel pets are obviously not living creatures, but are highly amusing and a little creepy. Your Growing pet is always a surprise! Amaze your children with this educational and fun experiment. View More Products From Brand: Stewarts Sales & Service
  • These toys are NON-TOXIC, and safe for children ages 3 & up.
  • Instructions: Put the egg in a container and fill with water till water level upper egg. (The temperature of the water is under 35C). The egg shell will break after 12-24 hours slowly then the pet hasten out of the shell. (Please keep the full water into the container). After the egg shell is broken entirely please add the new water into the container again. (The pet will be expanding after 48 hours fully). Can remove the growing pet to another container to watch them grow daily.


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