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Toyco is your ultimate source for Nerf action in New Zealand! Dive into a world of excitement and adventure with our extensive range of Nerf products, catering to enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you're into water-based fun, dino-themed battles, or classic Nerf action, we've got you covered.

Discover the Diversity

At Toyco, we take pride in offering a diverse Nerf range that includes Super Soaker, DinoSquad, Elite, and Elite Jr. Each category brings its own unique flair to the Nerf universe, promising hours of thrilling entertainment. Super Soaker: Make a splash with our Super Soaker range, perfect for water-based adventures. From epic water battles to cooling off on hot summer days, the Super Soaker collection guarantees aquatic fun for everyone.DinoSquad: Embark on prehistoric adventures with our DinoSquad range. Featuring dinosaur-themed designs and accessories, DinoSquad brings a Jurassic twist to traditional Nerf battles.Elite and Elite Jr: For those who crave classic Nerf action, our Elite and Elite Jr ranges deliver precision and power. Join the Nerf Elite team and experience the thrill of foam dart battles with cutting-edge blasters.

Dart Arsenal and Accessories

Enhance your Nerf experience with our extensive collection of Nerf darts and must-have accessories. Choose from a variety of dart types and stock up on ammo to keep the battles going. Explore tactical vests for added storage and style, target sets for practice, and storage solutions to keep your Nerf arsenal organised.

Shop by Range

Navigate easily through our Nerf universe with quick links to Super Soaker, DinoSquad, Elite, and Elite Jr sections. Find your favourite blasters, accessories, and merchandise with just a click.

Unleash the Fun

It's time to unleash the fun! Browse our Nerf collection, select your favourites, and add them to your cart for an action-packed Nerf experience. Don't miss out on exclusive bundles and ongoing promotions that make your Nerf adventures even more thrilling. Gear up, get ready, and let the Nerf battles begin! Toyco – your destination for Nerf excitement in New Zealand.