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Roll up your sleeves and get hands-on with model building for all ages. Use wood, metal and plastic to construct a variety of lifelike models and collect a fleet of detailed vehicles and items. Toyco’s range of model building caters to all tastes; with classic cars, aeroplanes and spacecraft, army men, tanks and ships, plus Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel and more. Collect, build, paint and display scaled-down versions of your favourite things.
Meticulously crafted by the world-renowned brands of model building, and made to be constructed by a steady hand, model building improves knowledge of a topic whilst simultaneously increasing fine motor skills, focus and concentration. Whittle away hours of scrupulous building culminating in an identical replica of your chosen item. Decide whether you only have time for a quick build Apache Helicopter from Airfix or want to embark on an extensive collection of diecast trains, lorries, trucks or aircraft models to build an impressive home collection. Made with accuracy in mind, you may not get closer to the real thing than owning historic vehicles and movie memorabilia put together in the comfort of your own home. There’s no feeling like creating your own model with Toyco’s model-building range.