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Become a toy collector and gather an assembly of diecast models, train sets, figurines and more from Toyco. Build your collection to match your passions and hobbies, no matter what they are. For fans of engineering, start with replica vehicles in various shapes and sizes. From classic cars like the VW Beetle to the latest and greatest racing cars, enjoy vintage motors, Formula One cars, rally cars and more. Go above and beyond cars with scaled-down tractors, diggers and excavators to create a mini workforce of diecast models at home, take to the skies with model aeroplanes that replicate the real thing, or get on track with Hornby train sets that can serve young imaginations for years to come.
Our collectible toys aren’t just for looking at. Take a hands-on role with your models and enjoy painting, sculpting and building with a range of products available from paint to paint brushes, toolkits, display stands and more. Whether you want to build landmarks from Metal Earth’s collection or repaint a jaded model, you can find what you need online or in-store. Find your new hobby today or dive deeper into your existing ones. For those fans of Disney, find figurines of The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Pinnochio, and Mickey and Minnie to collect. Enter the DC Multiverse and acquire a group of superheroes or enjoy Star Wars memorabilia in a plethora of ways. Collect your favourite onscreen characters, the spaceships they travel on and display these quality collectibles to add a touch of personality to your property.