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Cruise the school run in style on 2 wheels. A scooter from Toyco’s range of 2-wheeled scooters is the only way to roll, with sizes and styles for every mini commuter. Two-wheeled scooters are perfect for kids who’ve mastered the scooter basics and have a good sense of balance. Besides the cool factor, scooting is a cheap and healthy mode of transport and is a great way for kids to get plenty of exercise and fresh air. As with all Toyco products, our range of 2-wheeled scooters is top quality and is manufactured using safe, hard-wearing materials. We stock the world’s top brands, including Micro scooters and Infinity scooters. Two-wheel Micro scooters suit all skill levels. Bicycle-style handlebars provide stability and control for those new to two wheels. There are models with bigger wheels and a wider deck for smooth street riding. Micro even has beginner stunt scooters for budding kids wanting to start tricks at the skate park. Infinity scooters not only look amazing in a huge variety of colours but they’re also loaded with features like FastFold technology for quick and easy storage. Plus, there’s a Trolley function to pull it behind you when moving through crowds.’ Whether your child is just starting out on two wheels or looking to dominate the skate park with their mad skills, Toyco’s range of 2 wheel scooters has the perfect ride. With top-quality construction and a commitment to durability, safety and innovation, Toyco ensures that each scooter delivers hours of fun, exercise and adventure. Explore our collection and discover the thrill of cruising the school run on two wheels.